4 Mold Removal Mistakes Every Homeowner Should Avoid

19 May 2022
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If you notice any mold in your home, it is best to eradicate it immediately. Otherwise, leaving it for a long time might allow it to spread all over, creating a health hazard. However, you have to be careful when tackling your mold removal exercise. 

It is wise to seek help from a professional when the infestation is too large due to various reasons. First, mold removal experts can eradicate it all from your home even when it is widespread. In addition, they can remove the mold without making the mistakes that most homeowners make.

1. Ignoring the Root Cause of the Mold

One of the mistakes homeowners make is to rush to remove the mold without finding out its primary source and cause. The leading cause of mold growth is excessive moisture. So removing the mold without dealing with the moisture means your home can be reinfested. But professional mold removal services will first identify the water source and fix it. Only then will the experts eliminate the mold and ensure it clears completely. 

2. Assuming Mold Is Always Visible

You may often think that the mold you see at the corner is the only infestation in your home. However, mold spores spread fast and grow in many dark spaces, including behind your shower tiles or inside the walls where you cannot see.

Therefore, it is best to hire professional mold removers who understand all the places that mold can hide. These experts can help you identify all the areas mold is growing in your house and eliminate the infestation.

3. Using Inferior Mold Removal Products

Most people think spraying mold with bleach will kill it and clear it. But it is important to know that spraying bleach on mold only discolors it. So, most of it may remain behind when cleaning because you cannot see it. Continuous bleaching is also not right as it lowers the indoor air quality. That may lead to health problems for the people living in your home. Therefore, it is good to hire mold removal experts because they know the right products to use.

4. Assuming Painting Will Help

When you use mold-resistant paint, you may think you will keep the mold away from your home. But using paint on already mold-infested areas does not kill the mold. It only covers it for some time, and the issue reappears later. The best thing is to clean the surface before applying the paint so that you do not trap some spores inside it.

It is advisable to hire professionals when you notice a mold infestation in your house. The specialists will remove the mold using effective methods and products to prevent recurring problems.

For more information, contact a local mold removal service.