Never Ignore These 3 Signs Of Water Damage

12 October 2022
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On many occasions, it is easy to notice water damage in your house. For instance, you can easily detect water damage if it stems from a burst pipe. However, it may be hard to identify water damage in your house if you do not know the signs you need to look out for. For example, some of your hidden pipes may leak, and you may be unaware until the situation worsens. You must know how to identify some early signs of water damage to ensure you contact a water damage restoration company early. This blog will discuss three signs that tell you that you need to hire a water damage restoration agency. 

Look Out For Patches of Cracking Paint on Your Walls

The first sign of water damage is cracking paint. This issue occurs if the pipes behind the walls are leaking. As the water damage progresses, you will notice your paint peeling and eventually cracking. The prudent thing to do is to call a water damage restoration company to check your hidden pipes. You may be compelled to try various DYI solutions, but it can be strenuous and laborious if you do not have the required skills. However, these water damage restoration agencies will evaluate the problem and implement various solutions to curb it. 

Monitor Your Floors for Pools of Water Whose Source You Cannot Explain

You may have a water damage issue if you notice pools of water on the floor, especially if you see these puddles of water after wiping your floor. The most probable explanation is that the water pipes installed in the ceiling are leaking. One way to confirm this is to evaluate your ceiling. For example, your water pipes may leak if the ceiling is wet. Another logical explanation is that your pipes may be okay, but your roof has leaks. The best way to identify the main problem is to hire a water damage restoration company. These experts will check your ceiling and recommend effective remedies.

Look Out For Aggressive Mold Growth

Another sign of water damage is if you notice mold growth in your house. You may see a patch of mold on the walls or the floor, but sometimes it can be difficult to notice them. The best solution is to check for mold in dark and damp areas, especially where you have installed your water pipes. Call a water damage restoration company if you notice mold growing on a specific part of the house because it means that your water pipes may be leaking. Ultimately, checking for mold growth in your home is imperative, as severe mold growth can negatively affect your health. 

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