4 Circumstances When You Should Schedule A Professional Home Inspection

18 April 2022
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As a homeowner, you want to live in a comfortable and safe space. That's why most people invest in quality residential properties. However, even the most sturdy residential properties can eventually get damaged due to extreme weather conditions like hurricanes, floods, or fires. If your home faces such harsh conditions, it is important to schedule a professional inspection to ascertain all structures and systems of the house are in good working condition. An inspection can help uncover hidden problems that an untrained eye might ignore. Here are four circumstances when you should schedule a professional home inspection:

When Buying an Older Home

Older homes have their charm, but they can also come with some problems. For instance, the structures and systems may not meet today's building codes or standards. This could mean that your old Victorian house has knob or tube wiring, which no longer meets safety standards. Some structures like roofing or plumbing may also be extremely worn out, which can put your home at risk of significant water damage. If you are planning to buy an older home, it's important to schedule a professional home inspection to help you reveal any issues that might need repair or replacement.

After a Storm or Hurricane

When you live in an area that experiences bad weather, like hurricanes or tornadoes, it is wise to have your house inspected after a storm has passed. Even if it appears as if there was no damage done, having an inspector look over your house can help ensure there aren't any hidden issues that may pose significant risks to your property or family. If the professional discovers problems, they can recommend a suitable course of action to help remedy the situation.

After a Fire

Fires can cause considerable damage to your property. It may compromise the integrity of your floors, walls, electrical systems, or plumbing systems. Also, the water used in the firefighting process can cause significant structural damage. It is important to schedule a professional home inspection to assess the extent of damage caused by the fire. Professionals have special tools to analyze structural integrity and crucial systems in your home. They can help you identify damaged areas and restore your home's structural integrity.

When Selling Your Home

If you're planning to sell your property, it's important to have a professional home inspection completed before listing it. An inspection can help you identify what needs to be fixed to improve its value and salability. Fixing the underlying problems before the listing can help you avoid losing thousands of dollars during negotiations or even losing potential buyers.

Home inspections are crucial if you are planning to buy or sell a residential property or after incidents like fires, hurricanes, or storms. Home inspections can help you identify damages in good time and ensure they are taken care of before they cause significant damage. Contact a credible inspector today to schedule inspection services.