Here's Why You Should Consider Professional Services For Your Basement

26 July 2022
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Basements are one of the most essential areas of the house since they provide additional storage space, bedroom, privacy, and recreational area. However, many ignore basement maintenance which results in issues such as water leaks that destroy the curb appeal and structural integrity of your house. One way to ensure your basement serves you well is by conducting professional waterproofing services. It involves protective measures to avoid water leakage and damage due to extreme heat, heavy rain, and trapped moisture. You should leave the waterproofing job to a professional for the following reasons. 

Quality Services, Insurance, and Warranty Guarantees 

Waterproofing technicians have a wealth of experience and training in handling basements and ensuring quality services. For instance, they know suitable materials for different surfaces, and there will be little or no room for errors. Using them helps prevent poorly done repairs and guesswork that increase damage to your building. Additionally, licensed professionals have insurance coverage that protects you from any costs resulting from injuries or damage during work. They offer long-term warranties for free or low-cost repair services for a certain period after the completion of their current job.

Safety Assurance 

Safety should always be a priority when undertaking any repairs in your home. Waterproofing is a labor-intensive exercise that poses several safety risks; only an expert should do the work. For example, exterior waterproofing involves digging trenches as big as the basement walls around the building's foundation to allow the installation of parts like sump pumps, drain tile systems, and sump pits. The work creates the danger of falling into the trenches destroying the building's foundation and causing it to collapse. Moreover, you'll need to get a permit from local building authorities to ensure you've taken the necessary safety measures. Only a licensed contractor can get such authorization to prove they have the expertise to handle such projects.

Property Value

Hiring professional waterproofing services may seem unnecessary, and you prefer to do the job yourself. However, there's more to value than initial service. Professional waterproofing of your basement is a long-term investment as it helps protect the building's foundation enabling it to serve you for years without costly repair or damage. Moreover, the structural integrity of a building is always the primary consideration when calculating its price. Real estate valuers look at every component building, including the maintenance levels at your basement. Excellent conditions will make your property attract a higher resale value. 


Are you looking to make waterproofing repairs on your basement? Contact a professional contractor—such as Case Foundation System—for services enabling your building to serve you for years.