4 Mistakes You Should Avoid When You Have A Mold Infestation

14 September 2022
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Did you know that your home could have mold spores floating in the air? This could be pretty disturbing, especially if you have previously dealt with a mold infestation. However, mold spores are only harmful when they find damp places to settle and reproduce. This explains why you find visible mold in bathrooms, under the sink, ceiling, and other wet areas. After discovering mold, you might be concerned about your family's health and the condition of your property. Therefore, you should schedule professional mold testing and removal services. However, here are a few mistakes you should avoid.

1. Attempting DIY Methods 

The internet provides a lot of information about mold removal. Some sources might suggest using chemicals advertised as mold killers or home remedies such as warm soapy water and bleach. Unfortunately, these harsh chemicals hardly kill mold. Besides, you might disturb the spores and spread them around your home, allowing them to wreak havoc. 

Mold-proof paint is also popular but might mask the wall's discoloration for a short time before the mold resurfaces. Therefore, consider calling specialists to help with mold removal. They provide lasting and effective solutions and use effective biocides and air scrubbers to eliminate the menace.

2. Disturbing Mold 

Mold grows on porous surfaces that soak in moisture. You'll know there's mold in your house if you see dark streaks on your ceiling, walls, or floors. You might be tempted to blow the fan on the affected area to eliminate the mold. Unfortunately, this only breaks apart the spores, releasing them into the air. As a result, the spores may land in your house's HVAC unit or other uncontaminated sections. After inspection, experts often isolate the contaminated rooms to prevent spores from spreading throughout the house. Then, they use reliable equipment to remove mold.

3. Ignore the Source of Moisture 

Mold needs water to thrive. Failure to find the water source and fix it leads to a reoccurrence of mold growth and the spread of the infestation. Professionals use moisture detectors to pinpoint hidden water sources like leaks. They'll advise you to schedule for repair to prevent mold growth.  

4. Letting the Kids Play Near the Suspected Areas 

Mold is toxic and can trigger various health complications. This is one of the reasons why professionals recommend timely removal. Furthermore, letting the kids tamper with the mold does not only expose them to health issues, but it may contribute to mold spreading throughout the house. Leave mold removal to professionals with the relevant protective gear to prevent self-poisoning. 

Mold removal requires knowledge, skills, experience, and relevant equipment. Therefore, call a professional mold removal company to address the problem if you suspect a mold infestation. Remember to gather tips from mold removal professionals.